Name Pronunciation: Jay-mee
Age: 16
Birthday: November 22
Gender: Female
​Voice: Soft with a sense of maturity, but still young sounding.
Species: Superhuman (Born to humans on Earth)

Jamie De Luna

Jamie is a teen that tries to not let things get to her, staying relatively cool-headed most of the time unless out of her element.
She hates bullies, and is not afraid to talk them down if necessary.
However she's not much of a fighter, which is something she will have to learn for her mission…
Name Pronunciation: Tie (like a necktie)
Age: 58 (Looks about late 20s early 30s)
Birthday: October 1
Gender: Male
Voice: A medium-range rough voice, with a sense of authority in it.
Species: Dog demon (Born with Fire powers)


Tai is the leader of the Fenaur Warriors, who attempted to retire years ago but the deaths of the new leader and another member made him take the role once more.
He's usually seen as grumpy and stand-offish by others, but inside he's weary from many years of fighting and failures weighing on his shoulders.
He deeply cares for the other warriors, and also seems to be very close to Kopheru in particular…
Tai also has an older brother named Kai that lives in his own room away from the others, that he checks on every day due to being physically disabled and can't move on his own.
Name Pronunciation: Koh-fair-roo
Age: 58 (Looks mid-20s)
Birthday: January 6
Gender: Male
Voice: Medium-range, soft with a cool air to it.
Species: Superhuman (Born with Ice powers)


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Name Pronunciation: Jin-lee
Age: 53 (Looks about 15)
Birthday: June 8
Gender: Female
Voice: A soft, young voice, sometimes talks like a mother.
Species: Pyfae (Short water fairies; uses Water powers)


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Name Pronunciation: Lay-zah
Age: 65
Birthday: March 3
Gender: Male
Voice: A gentle voice in a low register, somewhat monotone. Becomes cold and completely monotone when fighting.
Species: Froggra (Giant frog; Born with Air powers)


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Name Pronunciation: Joe-wuh
Age: 58 (Looks early 30s)
Birthday: September 19
Gender: Male
Voice: A rough medium-range tone, has a slight growl to it.
Species Rat Demon(Born with Earth powers)


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Name Pronunciation: Dee-Zarh
Age: 25
Birthday: September 4
Gender: Male
Voice: Medium-low register, a bit of a soft sound but with a hint of pain behind it.
Species: Retshifa (Shapeshifting were-reptiles; Born with Energy powers; is part of the Dragon bloodline)

Dezar Valentine

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